Chart author's notes:

  • Green is historical budget authority.

  • Yellow is the "placeholder" budget in the President's budget message in April 2001. This was the budget that presumably was used to defend the debate over tax cuts.

  • SECDEF Rumsfeld's review during the summer of 2001 led to the identification of the FY02 amendment in August 2001, but a new five year plan kicking off of that amendment was not constructed prior to 9-11.

  • The blue wedge is the 5 yr program as it stood in November 2001, but it does not reflect the impact of the "war" on terror (WOT), or operations in Afghanistan, or Iraq.  It resulted from decisions made in the summer program review, which ended in August of 2001.

  • The red bars raise the budget to the level that was submitted to Congress as FY03-07 topline.  Although coincidental to the WOT, it actually raised the "core" (non-war) program.  The first funds clearly identifiable for war purposes appear as the small lavender bar in 2002.

  • The black line represents a revision to the DoD core program estimate in February 2003.

  • The lavender represents funds for the WOT, Afghanistan, and Iraq, including the November 2003 $87 billion supplemental.

For a more detailed explanation, please see Comment 501.