Boyd to be honored by the US Air Force Academy

August 15, 2006

[Official notice from the Academy]

On Wednesday, 16 August 2006, Lt. Gen. Regni, Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy, will present the 2004 Thomas D. White National Defense Award posthumously to the family of Col. John R. Boyd at noon meal on the staff tower of Mitchell Hall.

Established March 1, 1962, by the United States Air Force Academy, the Thomas D. White National Defense Award is presented annually to a U.S. citizen who has contributed significantly to the national defense of the United States.

The award may be based on outstanding contributions to national security in any fields of endeavor including science, technology, leadership, management, national affairs, international affairs or a combination thereof.

The permanent Thomas D. White plaque is displayed in the Academy's Arnold Hall, with the names of the annual winners inscribed thereon. Each recipient receives an appropriate individual award, certificate and citation.

Past recipients of the award include noted dignitaries such as President Ronald Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, Gen. Colin Powell, and many others. For details of the award and the list of recipients, please visit

Col. Boyd was a renowned fighter pilot and military strategist whose efforts were instrumental in the planning for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Additionally, many people are familiar with the decision making process known as the OODA loop, a term coined by Col. Boyd.

Attached is Col Boyd's biography and below are a few of many web links to very interesting articles about him.

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