Chart author's notes:

  • Green is historical budget authority.

  • Yellow is the "placeholder" budget in the President's budget message last April. This was the budget that presumably was used to defend the debate over tax cuts.

  • SECDEF Rumsfeld's review over last summer led to the identification of the FY02 amendment in August, but a new five year plan kicking off of that amendment was not constructed prior to 9-11.

  • The blue wedge is the 5 yr program kicking off of the Amendment.  It was produced in November, but it does not reflect the impact of "war" requirements.

  • The red wedge raises the budget to the current level that was submitted to Congress as FY03-07 topline.  Presumably, it is the difference from the blue to the effect of the war.

  • Note also the turquoise. That is the $14 billion just announced.