Email Uber Alles -- DoD Authorization Bill Reimburses Troops for
Losses of Pre-Paid Travel Expenses

May 14, 1999

Comment: #272

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In Reference #1 to Comment #256 an Air Force Judge Advocate in Germany told the troops that they would have to foot the bill for losses of pre-paid travel expenses if they were recalled from leave because of the Kosovo emergency. It came to our attention by via email from an Army Staff Sergeant stationed in Korea.

I am happy to report that wide distribution of the Staff Sergeant's message helped to stimulate the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) to take corrective action.

Today I received the following message from a reform-oriented member of the congressional staff:

"FYI: Language to reimburse soldiers in Kosovo for their cancelled travel plans/airline fees got into the DoD authorization bill that the SASC reported yesterday."

There are still several steps to go the full Senate must vote on the bill, then it goes to the House-Senate Conference, then the final bill will be voted on. But it is almost certain to pass.

Chuck Spinney

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