Toys vs. Boys Revisited - Pentagon Forgets to Put People in
Armed Forces Day Poster for 4th Year in Row!!!!!!

May 14, 1999

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Leaders say people are the Defense Department's top priority, but for the last four years they have approved Armed Forces Day posters that celebrated weapons and ignored people. This is an insult the valor, sacrifices, and patriotism of the American soldiers, sailors, and airmen who have spilled blood in the service of our country since the American Revolution. Interested readers can find the current poster at the following DoD website.

As I have said in earlier comments [e.g., 237], this omission is a metaphor for a value system that the put the interests of the military-industrial-congressional complex ahead of the soldier. If you are offended by this, write your congressman and ask him to help put people back into Armed Forces Day -- Who knows, it might even help retention.

Chuck Spinney

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