Correction of Error #289

June 22, 1999

Comment: #289A Errata

I began Comment #289 with the following passage. Please correct your records to indicate Flying Activity Code 2 implies 60 hours per year -- I inadvertently typed it as 60 hr/month.

"I had the temerity to attempt a translation of some of the acronyms in General Cody's report of lessons learned from the Task Force Hawk deployment of Apache helicopters to Albania (see Comment #288, Atch #3). One of the addressees on this list, a former Army helicopter pilot with combat time in Vietnam brought several errors to my attention, the most egregious being "CPG" being erroneously identified as primary flying position instead of co-pilot/gunner and FAC 2 being erroneously identified as forward air controller instead of Flying Activity Code 2 (which apparently means 60 hours per month flying time and is a designation for flyers on the staff as opposed to line)."

Chuck Spinney

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