Drill Sergeants vs. Hollywood (II) - a Staff Sergeant Responds

August 20, 1999

Comment: #309

Discussion Thread:  #308

I received the following email from an active duty Army Staff Sergeant in response to #308. He adds two more examples of the atmosphere that Colonel Hackworth and the anonymous drill sergeant described in References #1 & #2 of Comment #308.

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AMEN!!!!! Two examples of what is going on in Drill Sergeant Land here at Fort Gordon. One Bad, One Good.

One Drill Sergeant, an old friend, specifically my roommate from my first tour in Korea, 1993-1994 was verbally reprimanded for "forced hydration" of his troops. In English, he made his platoon drink all of the water in their canteens at once, then hold the empty canteens over their heads to prove that the water has gone. My friend is a veteran of Desert Storm, Hawaii, and other high temperature areas. He knows how to survive in the heat. His forced hydration was considered

Yesterday, one of my students was caught writing obscene poetry in class. He was turned over to his Drill Sergeant for disciplinary action. The last I saw of this young man, he was doing 3-5 second rushes back to his barracks.

The Drill Sergeants are trying to do the right things, as best they can.

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Chuck Spinney

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