Correction to Comment 547

January 12, 2006

Correction to Comment #547:

In Comment #547, I said that "The awesomeness of this power is reflected by in the fact that only 106, or 7.2%, of the 1,484 regular vetoes by all the Presidents from the beginning of George Washington's first term in 1789 have been overridden by Congress (according to analysis of veto power and the statistics compiled by the Congressional Research Service or CRS see Attachment 1 )."

This statement is correct, but the Table I included in the text of the comment inadvertently included the pocket vetoes in the tabulation. This added over a 1000 additional vetoes to the total listed. The Table below breaks down the formal (regular) vetoes and the pocket vetoes. It is taken from the CRS report attached to the Comment. In the interest of accuracy, it should be inserted into the text for your files.