• Forces Are Too Small to Execute 2-MTW Strategy

    • Had Much Larger Force During War with Iraq, but Still Required 75% of Active Tacair, 42% of MBTs, 46% of Carriers, 37% of Army Personnel, and 46% of Marines

    • Took 5 Months to Get Ready and Required Extensive Cannibalization

    • Burden of Forward-Deployed Units in SSCs Is Now Higher than in Cold War


  • Emerging Readiness Problems (Acknowledged in 29 Sept SASC Hearing)

    • Personnel: Declining Retention - Growing Skill Deficiencies (e.g., Pilots, 2nd Term Enlisted)

    • Units: Understrength Combat Units & Undermanned Ships

    • Material Condition: Spares Shortfalls, Rising Cannibalization Rates, Growing Depot & RPM Backlogs, Increased Workloads

    • Combat Training: Cutbacks, Reduced Realism, Declining Ammo Allowances

    • Declining Morale: Frequent Deployments, Increasing Workloads, Quality of Life Leadership Problems (Not Mentioned at Hearing) and The Wedge of Mistrust


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