R1- Policy Stand Down for a Reality Check (Department of Defense)

R2 - Declassify the Future Years Defense Plan (Department of Defense)

R3 - Swear In All Witnesses at All Congressional Hearings (Congress)

R4 - National Threat Assessment - Joint Resolution Passed by Congress Every Two Years, Sponsored by Foreign Relations/Affairs Committees via Open Debate (Congress)

R5 - Replace the PPBS With a Strategic Planning Process Designed to Evolve Priorities by Examining the Tradeoffs Among the Macroscopic and Microscopic Possibilities, Constraints, and Uncertainties that Decision Makers Must Contend With (Department of Defense)

R6 - Shift to Sequential Prototyping Practices In Accordance With Classical Engineering Principles (Department of Defense)

R7 - Shift to Standard Commercial Industrial Engineering Cost Estimating and Work Measurement Practices (Department of Defense)

R8 - Tie Operational Testing to the Sequential Prototyping Strategy (Department of Defense)

R9 - Establish Independent Defense Evaluation Board (Department of Defense - Congress Interface) 

Aim: Improve DoDís Fitness to Cope with an Ever-Changing Environment while Restoring Accountability to Congress and the American People by:

  1. Improving Integrity of Information & Checks & Balances at the Micro & Macroscopic Levels of Decision Making

  2. Reducing Technical, Economic, and Programmatic Risks Before Making Commitments

  3. Evolving Coherent Priorities Among Incommensurable Program Competing for Scarce Resources


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