• 1st Generation: Driven by Ideas

    • Linear Tactics of Column and Line Regularity Driven by Culture & Technology

    • Operational Art - Intuitive Napoleonís use of Time & Space to Set Up Decisive Battle on His Terms

  • 2nd Generation: - Attrition Warfare, Driven by Technology

    • Materialschlacht or Industrial War of Attrition - Civil War to WWI and Most of Allies in 2nd WWII (some exceptions like Patton)

    • Linear Tactics - Regularity Driven by Technology (Indir. Arty, Mach. Guns, Barbed Wire Gave Advantage to Defense)

    • Operational Art - Procure Success from Top Down: Move Around Defense to Destroy Adversary in a Battle of Encirclement.

    • Space-Time Decisions Synchronized 1st by Molke, Based on Mobilization & RR (e.g., Schlieffen Plan)

  • 3rd Generation: Maneuver Warfare, Driven by Ideas

    • Infiltration Tactics (1918) - Blitzkrieg (Guderian) - USMC & OODA Loop (Boyd, 1980s)

    • Nonlinear Tactics - Evolve Penetrations based on Ideas of Surfaces & Gaps, Recon Pull, Multiple Thrusts, Mission Tactics & Decentralized, all harmonized, by Ideas of Commanders Intent & Schwerpunct, etc.

    • Operational Art - Dismember & Collapse Adversary by Penetrating Mind-Time-Space Frame of Reference (ie., Penetrate His Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action Loops, 1st Recognized by Boyd)

  • 4th Generation: Irregular Warfare by State & Non-State Actors, Driven by Ideas(?)

    • Revolutionary (Lawrence - Mao - Giap ) - Ethnic/Tribal/Religious - Gang - Terrorist - etc

    • Tactical Penetration Techniques Still Developing, But are Clearly Spreading w/ Unknown Implications.

    • Operational Art - Collapse Adversary by Bypassing Army & Attacking Population, Culture, & Institution.


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