• Restored Balance of Power => US Military Operations Evolving Toward a Modern Variation of 19th Century Intervention Operations, at least in Near Term.

    • Increased Focus on Littorals (within 100 miles of sea), Where Most of World’s People, Wealth, Commerce, Instabilities, and U.S. Interests are Concentrated

    • Decreased Need for Large Standing Land/Air Forces (=> A Big Shift to Reserves)

    • Decreased Need for Heavy Naval Forces Configured for Global War at Sea and Heavy Bombing (=> Shift to Sea & Air Control in Littorals to Support Interventions)

    • Still Need Intervention & Extraction Capabilities to Protect Lives, Property, Commerce, & Other Interests (=> Evolution Toward Higher Speed, Lighter Forces, Configured for Autonomous Operations in Hostile Regions)


  • Rise of 4th Generation Warfare => Increased Need for Irregular Warfighting Skills/Capabilities in Close Quarters Combat & Small Unit Operations Among State/Non-State Actors

    • Decreased Reliance on Firepower/Attrition in Ground Warfare

    • Decreased Reliance on Deep Strike/Interdiction/Strategic Bombardment of “Infrastructure” in Air Warfare

    • Increased Reliance on Fast-Transient Littoral Penetration Opns, Infowar Opns, Special Forces Opns, Pol-Mil Opns, Counter-Drug/Anti-Terrorist/Anti-Nuc Opns, and Increased Occurrences of Urban/Suburban Combat


  • Increased Resource Constraints - Growing Internal Competition for Resources

    • E.g., Need To Fix Decaying National Infrastructure & Pay For An Aging Population


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