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 Fiscal Year 2001 Add-Ons:

Congress' Unrequested Spending for the Pentagon

As part of its work on the Fiscal Year 2001 budget, Congress funded a number of military programs not included in the Clinton Administration's request for the Pentagon. The following is a partial list of programs added by either the House or Senate and approved by Congress as part of the Fiscal Year 2001 Appropriations Act for which the Pentagon had not requested funding:


$ Millions

Navy LHD-1 Amphibious Assault Ship Advanced Procurement 460.0
Air Force F-15A Fighters 400.0
Army Transformation -- Medium Armored Vehicle 300.0
Guard and Reserve Miscellaneous Equipment 209.3
Army Transformation -- Other Support Equipment 200.0
Air Force F-16 Fighters -- Multi-Year Procurement (4) 122.0
Air Force EC-130J Aircraft (1) 90.0
Navy Harrier Targeting Pods 80.0
Army Reserve UH-60L Blackhawk Helicopters (8) 78.5
Army Wolverine Heavy Assault Bridge 77.1
Navy KC-130J Additional Aircraft 74.6
National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters (6) 72.3
Navy P-3 Aircraft Modifications to EP-3 61.0
Navy C-40A Aircraft 55.0
Navy Additional SH-60R Helicopter Modifications (2) 52.4
Navy Harrier Aircraft Modification 52.0
Air Force C-40 Aircraft 52.0
Army Future Combat System Technology 46.0
Navy CH-60 Helicopters (2) 41.9
OSD High Performance Computing Modernization 40.0
Air Force Extended Range Cruise Missile 40.0
Army TH-67 Training Helicopter 24.0
Navy Surface Ship Torpedo Defense 16.0
Army Floating Cranes 15.0
Army Shortstop Electronic Warfare Equipment 12.0
Other Unlisted Items 641.4


$3,312.5 Million

In addition, members of the House-Senate Conference Committee which wrote the final version of this legislation added funding for a number of programs which were not only not requested by the Pentagon, but were not even included by either the House or the Senate.


$ Millions

Navy Theater Wide Missile Defense System Program Acceleration 80.0
Air Force CINC Support Aircraft (737 for CINCPAC) 60.0
Army M1A2 Abrams Tank Upgrades 38.4
High Energy Laser Program 30.0
Navy Operating Forces IPE Pearl Harbor Capital Purchase Plan 17.0
Navy E-2C RMP Littoral Surveillance 15.0
Army Bradley Electronics Improvements 8.1
Navy Submarine Q-70 Combat System retrofits 8.0
Navy Airborne Reconnaissance Systems 8.0
Marine Corps Base Telecommunications Infrastructure (Camp Pendleton) 6.0
Navy F-18 Technical Manual Digitization 5.2
Navy Distance Learning IT Center at CA St. Univ., Santa Bernardino 5.0
F-22 Digital EW Product Improvement 5.0
Navy Spike Urban Warfare system 4.0
Navy Center of Excellence in Electro-optics Manufacturing 4.0
Navy SAR All Weather Precision Targeting System (AWPTS) 4.0
Navy Fleet Health Technology 3.0
Navy EA-6B Aircraft Block 89A Ready Room Mission Rehearsal System 3.0
Army Environmental Cleanup Technology Demonstration -- Porta Bella 3.0
Navy Shipboard Tactical Communications 3.0
Navy Materials and Computer Technology Development 3.0
Air Force Integrated Command & Control Applications (IC2A) 3.0
Navy Low Frequency Broadband Acoustic Airgun Source 3.0
Air Force Personal Safety and Rescue Equipment 2.5
Navy Advanced Food Service Technology 2.5
Navy Maritime Fire Training/Barbara Point 2.0
Air force Center of Acquisition Reengineering 2.0
Air force Knowledge management Project 2.0
Chemical/Biological CBMS II Upgrades 2.0
Navy E-2 Improved Composite Rotodome 2.0
Naval Intelligent Agent Security Module 2.0
Navy Advanced Technical Information System 2.0
DoD Lightweight X-band Antenna 2.0
Army Natural Gas Turbine Development 1.0
Navy AQS-20 Sonar Data Recording Capability 1.0
Marine Corps Remote Precision Gun Aiming Platform 1.0
Army Force XXI Compass System 1.0
Army Air Compressors 1.0
Air Force Handheld Holographic Radar Gun (H3G) 1.0
DoD Advanced Materials Research 1.0


$346.7 Million


NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list, but represents those items identified to date by CDI.

Prepared by Christopher Hellman, Senior Analyst, July 28, 2000.
Source: National Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2001 - Conference Report