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Supplemental Budgets

The incoming Bush Administration has indicated that it will request additional money for defense above the amounts in the FY 2001 budget and the FY 2002 submittal.  For reference, the FY 2002 DoD budget request is $310 billion, an amount that exceeds the Cold War average (excepting only the war years of Korea and Vietnam and the Reagan build up).  Click here for historical budget data.

This section will track the debate on near-term increases to the DoD budget.

  1. Annual Defense Report 2001  The last major defense document prepared by the Clinton Administration.

  2. Conference Report on the FY 2001 Supplemental, as passed by Congress and sent to the President for signature.  (TXT file on the Library of Congress site)

  3. FY 2001 Supplemental Budget Request.  Program by program details, courtesy of John Isaacs and the Council for a Livable World. June 2001

  4. FY 2001 Supplemental House Mark-up.  (From HILLINT)

  5. FY 2001 Supplemental, as passed and sent to the White House, July 19, 2001.

  6. FY 2002 Budget Amendment.  DoD background briefing on the FY 2002 budget request amendment.  Details on the request for another $18.4 billion over and above the $310.5 billion "placeholder."  Adding this to the $14.6 billion of defense-related spending in the Energy Department would make US defense spending equal to that of the next 15 largest counties combined.  [The FY 2003 DoD Budget Request increases this to the next 20 nations, combined.]

  7. Defense budget trends, showing the effects of the proposed supplemental and amendment.

  8. DoD Comptroller's Guide to the FY 2002 Budget.



Why Does a "Half-War Plus" Strategy Require  a Cold-War Budget to Keep It Afloat?  June 25, 2001






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